FinaX Accounting System

FinaXPro represents a fully integrated and expansive software solution, a collaborative effort by a team of experts spanning accounting, costs, sales, marketing, and information technology. It stands out for its adaptability and thoroughness, where adaptability allows the program to align with the unique aspects of your business, and thoroughness encompasses the inclusive coverage of all your company's activities, their interconnections, and monitoring. This applies to diverse sectors such as commercial, service, industrial, agricultural, construction, charitable, and beyond. The FinaX program empowers you to oversee your company's operations globally and at any time, facilitating result tracking, expense management, invoicing, price quoting, and inventory control.​

Customized for 5 industries

Further customizations available per request.
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FinaX Integrated Business Apps

Performing equally effectively, separately and simultaneously
Use all, activate or deactivate to match your business needs.

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Accessible Anywhere

You can access the program from anywhere. Ditch the office desk and embrace the world. FinaxPro's cloud-based accounting travels with you, empowering you to manage your finances from a mountaintop, a bustling cafe, or even in your PJs. Track expenses on your phone, issue invoices on your tablet, and monitor cash flow on your laptop – it's your business, your way.

Finax Resta

The Restaurant and Cafe Management Accounting and Management Program from Finax is the most powerful accounting program based on the evaluation of our valued customers. This program facilitates the process of calculating costs, monitoring stores, and preparing reports. It also allows you to manage more than one branch via the Internet, and covers all stages of restaurant management, starting with... From purchasing raw materials to selling items through various sales methods, whether direct sales in a restaurant, home delivery, or quick order.

  • Calculating Costs
  • Monitoring stores
  • Preparing Reports
  • Direct Sales
  • Home Delivery
  • Quick Order

Finax Pharma

FinaX provides an integrated accounting program that supports the Arabic language for pharmacy management. Using the program, you can issue invoices for the purchase and sale of medicines. And follow up on the general sales of items, know the sales of each seller individually, follow up on your stock of medicines and medical supplies, display reports on the value of the stock and inventory reports, and issue profit and loss reports to know the extent of your business’s performance over each period of time.

  • Professional reports
  • Interactive user interface
  • Medicine stock management
  • Supplier management
  • Customer management
  • Manage expiry dates

Finax POS

POS software is used in stores that deal directly with customers, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, clothing stores, and accessories and spare parts stores, which facilitates quick sales operations. The point of sale management program is considered one of the best accounting programs for managing points of sale. The store accounting program is suitable for all activities, whatever their type. The point-of-sale program also works to link all parts of accounting programs, in addition to the point-of-sale program creating entries automatically without the need to enter entries.

  • Barcode reader
  • Cash revenue system
  • Users accounts
  • Inventory synchronization
  • Custom design for receipts
  • Efficient performance

Finax Payroll Time

  • Complete employee database
  • Attendance management
  • Payroll system
  • Vacation calculation
  • Professional reports
  • Unlimited branches

The personnel affairs and human resources management program (HR) and employees for companies is a comprehensive system that automates all employee processes in order to provide accurate follow-up to employees, and at the same time coordinates with all other facility accounting programs to prevent any accounting errors from occurring in the facility. Employee salaries are calculated with the utmost precision, leaving no room for error as occurs in paper-based systems. It is distinguished by the fact that it calculates all employee salaries automatically, and it also provides a wonderful record of the employee’s history, starting from the date he joined the job until he left the job or retired.

Finax Promises as Your Business Partner

Find out why Finax has been the choice of over 10,000 SMEs.

Simple & Advanced

Simple & Advanced

You don't need to read any more user manuals or get training in using the net. FinaX user interface is equipped with a wonderful set of advanced tools that will help you get your work done smoothly

Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

All your company data will remain secure and encrypted on our servers in KSA and can only be accessed by authorized people.

Anytime, anywhere

Anytime, anywhere

Our program works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on our fully secured servers. You, your customers, and your team will be able to work on the Finax system at any time, from anywhere, and from any device connected to the Internet.



You will not need to pay more than the monthly subscription to FinaX, unlike other expensive systems and their updates and very expensive maintenance.

Save time & effort

Save time & effort

With our powerful interface you can create invoices and quotes in seconds. Add new customers, manage your inventory, your team, and manage your customers easily.

Lifetime free updates

Lifetime free updates

We develop our software, release updates, and add new features around the clock. You will receive all updates for free.

Fast & free support

Fast & free support

The technical support team is ready to respond to your consultation via email or phone around the clock.

Modify it to suit you

Modify it to suit you

Create your own invoice template from a wide range of available templates and add your company's logo. Adjust the site colors and identity to match your brand identity.

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